Chris O. - Retail Manager

Hello. My name is Chris Owen and I am a Retail Manager for Deerwood Bank in Waite Park, Minnesota. My role is to oversee the retail banking department for my branch. What I love most about my job is the daily interactions I have with our great customers. It could be opening a new checking account for a prospective customer or helping someone get their first car loan. Either way, it brings me joy to help them and have them walk away feeling better for speaking with me that day. I started working as a teller after I graduated college and worked my way into a management role with a smaller bank. This allowed me to wear many hats in the banking world and allowed me to see what happens in all different departments. The reason I like retail banking is the one-on-one conversations I get to have with customers that truly shapes how we help and provide for the community. 

Outside of my time at the bank, I have become much more involved with charity events and tried to incorporate my family in these events as well. In 2019 I was asked to be part of “Dancing with our Stars” community event that was looking for local “Stars” to partner with local dancers and perform a dance routine all to benefit Woman and children in the local area by partnering with a local charity (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MN). Having a wife and a daughter, this seemed like something I had to do, even if it was outside of my comfort zone. This was also a great way to generate funds for local charities. For the next 8 months I had to learn how to ballroom dance and perform in front of the community. It slowly became something I looked forward to and can say that I may have even liked it! 

After participating in the event it taught me that there wasn’t really much I cant do, if I put my mind to it. This has translated into banking by allowing me to take a bigger role during a core conversion and spearheading any changes I would like to see from a corporate level. Since the event I have been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MN and have since been asked to be on their advancement committee.

The term “Banker” tends to have many different meanings and opens doors to plenty of other avenues but for me, the most important was having community involvement. For all that being a banker has brought me and my family, I can say that I am proud to be a Banker.