Demi D. - Consumer Lender

I’m Demi Dittberner and I am currently a Consumer Lender for Star Bank in our Bertha branch. I get to work with members of the community on a daily basis on everything from financing farm and business operations to helping an individual purchase a new home or car. My favorite thing to do at work is teaching and helping people with their first loans. I like explaining how the process works, what I am going to ask them for and why, and what the loan documents mean. I strive to be the friendly face that they will remember the next time they need a car or want to know the process of buying a house because before I was in the banking world, I had NO IDEA how any of this worked.

When I am not at work you can find me with my family on our farm just outside of Bertha. As long as the the weather isn’t below zero, I will either be on the back of my horse or doing something horse related. I have been around horses my whole life, I even went to college and earned a degree in Equine Science from the University of MN-Crookston. I’ve done or experienced many different equine events from horse judging, trail riding, western pleasure, reining, saddle seat and different gaming events. Currently Barrel Racing is my adrenaline sport of choice. I love it, even if I am not ever getting to compete at the Nation Finals Rodeo.

Since I can’t ride horses every minute that I am not at work, my kids and I also have a fairly large garden. Although most of the stuff doesn’t make it from the garden to the house! Peas, carrots, strawberries and even the green beans tend to disappear before they ever make it to the house for canning. My nine-year-old daughter and I are researching different homesteading techniques to use on our farm. In addition to the horses, I think chickens are going to make an appearance on the farm soon. Wish me luck and if anyone has a super good spaghetti sauce recipe let me know!