Jeff W. - Fraud Specialist

Meet Jeff Williams. Jeff is a Fraud Specialist in the customer service department at Citizens Independent Bank in St. Louis Park. Fairly new to the banking industry, Jeff worked in sales prior to becoming a teller at the bank’s Robbinsdale branch in early 2019. A self-described helper, he says the most rewarding aspect of working in sales and now, as a banker, is finding the answers and solutions to customers’ problems. In Jeff’s words, “it all leads back to working with and helping people”.

Outside the bank, Jeff relishes time spent with his family, including his parents, older sister and eight-year-old daughter.  It was his older sister, in fact, that introduced Jeff to one of his great passions in life, electronic dance music (EDM). He was 14 when she brought him to First Avenue’s famed Sunday Night Dance Party and it was love at first sound. Now, years later, he’s on the other side of the turntable as an aspiring DJ.

Jeff’s new creative outlet began when he found a mixer controller on sale. A mixer allows a DJ to blend together multiple pieces of music, creating a cohesive mix, while the controller offers the playback tool. Jeff has been dabbling (his words) for a couple of years and has created dozens of mixes. While he’s still practicing and working up the nerve to perform live, he is having a ton of fun putting mixes together. Jeff loves to dance to EDM himself and he creates each mix with one question in mind – would it make him dance? He doesn’t just choose songs he likes; he focuses on creating an environment for others to dance. He believes that when people listen and move to music they enjoy, it takes them to another place, another world, where they can let go of insecurity, feel free, and just enjoy life for a while.

Jeff hopes that his hobby may someday turn into a paid gig, but until he’s ready to face the music (no pun intended) and jump into live performing, he’s happy to be creating something that others enjoy and that hopefully inspires them to just dance. He won’t be giving up his career in banking though.

Jeff admits that while he was excited to make the career switch and join Citizens Independent Bank, he didn’t realize at the time just how fortunate he was. He considers himself extremely lucky to have a job with a bank that cares so much about its employee and about the communities it serves. He’s doing all he can during this incredibly tough time to give his customers the best service possible, to connect with them personally, and to give them the human interaction they may not be have right now. His connections may be small, but he knows they hold so much more meaning now than a few months ago. And that’s his message to his fellow bankers, “personalize it, pass along that grateful feeling to other people”. Jeff concludes “It may sound cheesy, but right now we need all cheesy and positivity we can get!” 

Ready to dance? You can find a few of Jeff’s mixes at