What's your path?

Banking is not just about money. It’s about improving lives. Banks make a difference in their communities every day. Whether it’s assisting someone in buying their first home, teaching children about saving, or working with businesses both small and large, people who work in banking make a difference every day.

Here is just a small sample of the dozens of different types of jobs available in the banking industry.
There is truly something for everyone!


First impressions matter and the Teller/CSR is usually the first person a customer meets at their bank and the one they get to know the best. You’ll help customers with their day-to-day banking needs such as deposits and withdrawals, both in person and online.


Loan Assistant

You’ll work alongside loan officers to aid people and businesses in getting the loans they need. This is a great stepping-stone position that will give you excellent knowledge of banking regulations and prepare you to grow your career.


Loan Officer

Almost everyone needs a loan at some time in their life to buy a house, start a new business, or make a major purchase. Loan Officers will typically specialize in and be highly knowledgeable in one class of loan - most commonly mortgage, consumer, commercial, or agriculture.



HR Manager

In HR, you could say your customers are the people who work there. You’ll be responsible for recruiting and interviewing potential new employees and training new hires. You may also manage employee relations, payroll and benefits, and provide coaching for the staff.


Technology Officer

Including everything from troubleshooting network problems to managing mobile apps to keeping customers’ financial information secure from hackers, information technology is an essential part of the banking world.  Career opportunities range all the way from entry level technicians to Chief Information Officer!


Personal Banker

You’ll build relationships as you help people and families learn which of your bank’s products/services are right for them. From opening accounts to digital banking to car loans, you’ll be their go-to person! Retail bankers do the same for businesses.



 Much more than just crunching numbers, Account Specialists solve puzzles by analyzing, reconciling and balancing a bank’s budgets, balance sheets, and internal accounts. Excel here and you could be on your way to becoming a Chief Financial Officer. 

Marketing Representative

 Get your creative juices flowing as a marketing specialist. You’ll get to create full marketing campaigns for the bank’s products and services, design events and contests, and promote the bank’s image via social media channels, video and print. 


Operations Manager

 Another behind the scenes role, the Operations Manager is often described as the heartbeat of the bank. You’ll supervise staff, direct internal operations and keep all the different departments working together as a well-oiled machine.


The CFO is the top job in making sure the bank is financially secure and healthy.  You’ll also be in charge of financial reporting to the board of directors, compliance with government agencies, and will supervise accounting staff. 


Retail Manager

Looking for variety? Retail (also called branch) managers do many things to make sure a bank location runs smoothly. They lead and mentor staff, develop new business and spend a lot of time in the community fostering relationships.


Investment Banker

 Investment bankers (IB) are the middleperson between people or companies who are trying to raise capital (i.e. money) and those who have it to invest. Not all IBs are found on Wall Street, many banks have a wealth management department. 

Credit Analyst

Do you prefer to stay behind-the-scenes? Was math your favorite subject? Credit Analysts are responsible for evaluating the cash flow and credit worthiness of the people and businesses that apply for loans. A high demand job, it’s also a natural stepping-stone to a lending career.


Compliance Officer

Compliance is a fancy word for following the rules and that’s exactly what a Compliance Officer does. You’ll work with outside examiners and the management team to make sure the bank is making good decisions and obeying the laws and regulations.



To become a President/CEO, you’ll need education and a lot of experience in the banking industry. The President/CEO oversees all the different departments and works with the board of directors to determine the future path of the business. Work hard and this could be you!